Training and Mentoring

Training and Mentoring

Training and Mentoring

Training and Mentoring

Training and Mentoring

Training is the key to establishing pride in a project, and to ensure effective use of the available equipment. Rory Allardice Environmental has trained people across Africa and offers mentoring, to assist mentees develop and achieve their full career potential. Rory can also facilitate meetings and workshops with his specialised skill developed over 30 years.

Adult Training

The value of a business is based on the expertise of its employees and the manner in which they relate to clients and the triple bottom line of sustainability.

Rory Allardice Environmental offers training in a number of environmentally-related fields, such as infrastructure management, project and management planning and the intricacies of landscape management. Maintenance and maintenance schedules guide managers in preserving a high standard of visitor and management facilities, saving money and reflecting business efficiency.

Rory Allardice Environmental will assist you in identifying the skills you require in your business to reach your vision.Training subjects offered by Rory Allardice Environmental:- Natural landscape Management Planning- Project Planning- Infrastructure Management- Fencing- Erosion Control- Road Maintenance- Vegetation Management- Vegetation Monitoring- Wildlife Monitoring

Professional Mentoring

Everyone needs a mentor. Mentoring is a relationship between two people, a mentor and a mentee, in order for the mentor to guide and coach the mentee to achieve greater success in their work and business life. The mentor's role is to assist the mentee to identify, define, develop and achieve their full career or business potential.

The mentee's role is to actively work with their mentor and be open to learning and evolving under the guidance of their mentor. The mentor is the most important factor in a person's career leading to long-term success!

As mentors Rory Allardice Environmental will:

1. Give the mentee perspective based on their experience;

2. Help the mentee think outside the box at situations and look at them in new ways;

3. Help the mentee define and reach long-term goals along their career path;

4. Assist the mentee to achieve accountability and responsibility;

5. Be a trusted colleague in the life of the mentee;

6. Promote the mentee's positive attributes and help them deal with weaknesses, congratulate them on personal victories and help them work through the failures;

7. Help expand their network of contacts and business acquaintances;

8. Open doors within and outside the company;

9. Be a strong inspiration;

10. Ensure the mentee remains focused and works more efficiently with a clearer view of what he or she is trying to achieve.

For Rory Allardice Environmental, a successful mentor must strike a balance between advising (based on his or her experience and judgment), guiding (based on discussed options) and coaching in a non-directive way (through questioning and challenging). That does not mean imposing ideas on the mentee. Instead, a successful mentor will be non-judgmental either about things that the mentee has done or things that the mentee aims to achieve.

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