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  • RA Environmental
    Rory Allardice Environmental offers conservation management, project planning and training in the conservation sector. As consultants, Rory Allardice Environmental also facilitates workshops and mentoring, specifically for those involved in the green economy. The consultancy is run by Rory Allardice, well-known environmental consultant, natural resource manager and conservationist. Rory is based close to the small towns of Struisbaai and Agulhas, in the Overberg, in South Africa, but travels the world for his conservation business advice and project management.

    Rory Allardice Environmental comes with three decades of experience in the conservation sector. Most recently, Rory himself assisted in planning and implementing the
    Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area, near Bredasdorp - a first of its kind in South Africa. He has managed many government and privately-owned protected areas. Previous experience includes building and managing the Buchu Bushcamp, on the boundary of the De Hoop Nature Reserve, in the Western Cape. Rory's leadership roles include: Conservancy founder and Executive Director (Lower Breede River Conservancy), Chairman (Overberg Integrated Conservation Group, Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative, etc), Councillor (Overberg District Council) and Project leader (Protection of Wetlands in the Cape Floristic Region, etc). More
    Management and project planning does not come naturally - it's a skill that needs to be learnt. Good planning leads to efficiency and effectiveness. And then there's the problem of funding - often too little to cover all the planned activities within a conservation area. That's when you need project planning expertise. More
    Training is the key to establishing pride in a project, and to ensure effective use of the available equipment. Rory Allardice Environmental has trained people across Africa and offers mentoring, to
    assist mentees develop
    and achieve their full
    career potential. Rory can also facilitate meetings
    and workshops with his specialised skill developed over 30 years.
    Training & Mentoring
    There is always scope for new and innovative business ideas to increase income or the number of clients in the biodiversity conservation field. That happens through wise and sustainable utilisation, which boosts productivity and income. As a consultant, Rory Allardice Environmental can assist.
    Facilitation & Implement
    The success of a project ultimately can only be assessed if it's properly monitored. This is often forgotten during the planning phase. Rory Allardice Environmental helps to monitor and report back on projects - in turn allowing the success of a project to be widely communicated. More
    Monitoring & Assessment
    Environmental Expertise
    PHONE +27 (0) 82 929 9904
    Specialized bird guiding tours in the Overberg. Guides include hideouts in the SMA Nuwejaars Managent Area. Booking essential.
    T +27 (0) 82 929 9904
    F +27 (0) 86 541 1682
    E info@raenvironmental.co.za

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    "My mission is to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable systems which will in turn ensure the
    well-being of mankind."

    Assessor & Workplace Development Facilitator THETA accredited.
    Recent: "Greening the Collage". Industrial "greening", solar panels, heat pumps, sewerage systems, clean water filters etc. together with the equatorial forest surrounding the Nyungwe National Park ... read more
    "Your feasibility study has been very well received by all project partners and we are very pleased with the outcome. You have shown how capital investments can really contribute to a better embeddedness of infrastructure into its environmental, cultural and economic surrounding. Thanks a lot for your effort, you will surely be remembered."
    Cora van Oosten, Senior Project Manager / NRM advisor, Centre for Development Innovation. October 2012.