Management for Climate Change
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Climate is changing, with predictions that South Africa is getting hotter, dryer and having more weather-related events like floods and droughts.

Climate change will in all likelihood affect every business sector in South Africa. Modern technology and innovative thinking can build resilience into business to adapt to elements of climate change.

At Rory Allardice Environmental, we can assist you to adapt your business and staff to climate change by training, planning and applying techniques in water, fire, and tourism management. We can assist you to achieve a
low carbon economy to improve the marketability of your product. Higher CO2 will favour certain plant species and we will help you identify these to your benefit.

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Project: Buchu Bush Camp

The concept of the Buchu bushcamp was instigated by the principle of peripheral development around protected areas. The principle of peripheral development states that the infrastructure necessary for tourism and general management in a conservation protected area should be located at or near the boundary, rather than in the interior. Infrastructure and the activities surrounding it, inevitably introduces a degree of disturbance to the natural environment, so the idea behind peripheral development is to limit such disturbance to the edges of protected areas and to maintain the interior of the conservation area in as pristine a state as possible. Apart from this, the protected area needs the active support of its neighbours to maintain its integrity and generate income through political acceptance and tourism. Read more
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"My mission is to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable systems which will in turn ensure the
well-being of mankind."

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